Sunday, October 2, 2011

Accidentally-on-Purpose Candle Art!

Accidentally on purpose I made some pretty awesome candle art- if that's what you would call it! I was doing some sort of craft that had to do with tealights, the little candles that float on water, and the craft ended up as burned paper in the trash. Sad, since I was pretty excited about it! :( but then I lit the candles while they were floating on the water, dyed the water blue, and let them sit for a while till I had to clean it up. But when I let the water out of the sink I was using, it let out a bubble of air or something that tipped over one of the candles, and the melted wax hardened in the cold water it splashed into without me noticing. Kai was watching me, and afterwards he said: "Tia, that was so cool! It was so awesome that it almost made me pee my pants! We should do that again!" I just thought: good thing that it didn't make him pee his pants.... I didn't attempt to do that again, but then he did it on his own with the other candles.... and they weren't extravagant enough to make him as excited as the first time. So we made accidentally-on-purpose art today. And it was fun. :) Here are some pretty pictures:

Pretty awesome... but all my mom said was, "That just looks like chewed gum..." Have you ever made something cool or (if with food) yummy? What was it? I'd love to know! :)

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