Saturday, November 28, 2009

An Idea for FHE

Here's an idea for FHE that I got from my primary teacher.....

1. First, go to

2. You should see gray buttons right below the top part of the blog.
click on the one that says "Primary Manuals"

3. Then click on the Primary 5 manual (anyone can go back to being that age).

4. Scroll down, and click on lesson 38; Brigham Young Leads the Church.

5. Next, click on (there's going to be a lot of clicking :) number seven, Apostle cards.

6. At the top, click on "open Apostle Cards in English".

7. Print, and you can have each family member try to match the pictures to the name and facts.


Saturday, November 7, 2009

More Yard Pictures, With a Hummingbird

These types of flowers are one of my favorite, mostly because of the color.

This is probably one pf the best Zinnias (let's hope that's right) at the time.

This is a Bumble Bee on a Marigold (the Marigolds are pretty much taking over
our yard- it's very pretty in the summer)

This is a pic I took of a hummingbird I think last month.
It's at the butterfly bush.