Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Homemade Valentines

Happy Valentine's Day!
I know it's tomorrow, but the parties are always the day or days before. This year I made my own valentines again. I just get tired of the same ones every year, and they aren't the kind I'd want to use. They're always too goofy, or otherwise, Jonas Brothers or Hannah Montana (who I'm not a fan of). That's why I like to make my own. You can decorate them however you want, and you don't have to make them super fancy either. Remember, people always just throw away the valentine, and keep the candy. Sooooo..... here's what mine looked like. I kinda ran out of time- couple days before to be exact. I did almost every color combination you could imagine. There were only two left over. P.S. (They weren't all Snickers ;)