Thursday, January 28, 2010


Today I finished a book called: The Looking Glass Wars.
I borrowed it from a neighbor, as well as Pillage, by Obert Skye; the same
author of Leven Thumps. I also borrowed The Alchemyst-Secrets of
the Immortal Nicholas Flamel,
by Michael Scott. Both are really
great books; but if I had to choose one, it would definitely be The Alchemyst.
The Looking Glass Wars is by Frank Beddor, and it's another version
of the story Alice in Wonderland. It has a few blood and gore parts, but
they weren't so bad that I had to put it down. I liked it, and the
author is making a trilogy out of it, so I'm gonna see how those
turned out. Hope you'll try them!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bubble Mania!

Today Ari and I blew up water balloons again... it's just too much fun!
This picture all started this afternoon when I was playing with bubbles,
the sink filled with water, and the balloons. Then Ari showed me a trick on how to make
the bubbles faster...... it worked a little too well!

Here's an up close on a leaning tower of overflowing bubbles.

If you ever want to try this at home, it's not messy.... it's actually the
exact opposite! We used straws; any kind would work, but we preferred the double black
straws. They're a bit smaller, though.

You'll also need a cup. We used plastic and Styrofoam.

Fill the cup (or cups) half way full (or half empty ;) with water and bubble
solution. "Miracle Bubbles" worked really well. You can also use
liquid hand soap. A few squirts should do.

Next you need to fill a sink up with water..... we plopped in the balloons then.

Put your choice of straw into the cup, and blow! You might
want to do it over the water filled sink, too! Most everyone knows that
this is bad manners at the table when you're drinking, but in this activity, your cup can
overflow! Not to mention the water balloons- soon you won't be able to see them!

Have Fun!!!!!

Sleepover Craft

A few nights ago, we had a sleepover at
Keaton's house, and it was so fun! One of the
things that I did (thank you Aunt Kira!) was
make flower clips. I took a couple pictures (which are above).
It was really fun to make them, and even more fun
to make the English Toffee and brownies for the
New Years party. The top one is the
one I wore yesterday. The one I wore today
was one of the red and white ones, I made two of those
so that I could wear one, and Ari could wear one, also for pig tails.

Thanks again, Aunt Kira!